Wednesday, April 26, 2006

JDA acquires MANU....

or what were they thinking....

The fastest way to kill sales is to demoralize your field team - for JDA to acquire MANU and then announce they were cutting jobs once the acquistion goes thru is probably not the best way to improve customer service or increase sales.

Management teams that don't understand the business will cut sales and consulting to "save money" -- but in my experience this is not a good idea unless you are shifting your business model to a channel partner model. I'm all for efficiency, having resources match demand and keeping costs low but that should be a regular management process. Thinking you can ignore that for months (years?) and then "catchup" in one swoop is poor management.

To be successful, you must constantly identify the market you are going after, keep overhead as low as possible and keep your employees engaged with customers.

Question to JDA management -- who is going to take care of your customers while your field team is demoralized?

Answer -- Don't worry - all the Oracle, SAP, IBM, ITWO, etc. field teams will happily pick up the slack