Friday, December 19, 2008

Downside of Visibility

I had the privilege of working at a couple of accounts outside the US this year. And while each was in a different industry, I noticed that same thing in their forecasts -- a declining downward trend.

In both cases, the statistical forecast was trending downwards, yet when I asked if team had spoken to the VP's about it, they said "no because sales team is not in agreement". Sales teams by nature tend to have a "positive bias" which is a good thing. However, running a company that way will lead you straight off the cliff. Never a good idea not to use all your data in executive decision making. Hopefully these companies will react soon enough.

Jason Busch over at Spend Matters, looks at the impact of having visibility in your supply chain.

Now that we are using all the data -- the next question is how to react to ensure survival AND prosperity.....

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