Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Been awhile -- (14 months!) Nothing like a startup to keep you busy. Team is now built, no longer about just consulting but we have product, positioning and the competition is heating up.

RFID is a wild space, when we started it was just us picking up the phone and doing good work for clients - now any software company who can spell "RFID" has a solution. We are still ahead given the size of our deployments -- everyone else will have to climb this curve and it is very steep. A few will fall (a couple of companies have been acquired / merged ) and you can actually see them fail to execute due to the internal focus. Even the big guys are having trouble, they may have 10k people but only a very very few can make RFID work and the "market-tectures" are flying fast and furious.

While watching our startup grow in people and revenue I'm also comparing to the other VC companies -- a couple of good blogs are www.feld.com and www.jeffnolan.com

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