Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

The children (3) have just gone to bed (waiting for Santa). Of course, they are too old to believe in Santa -- but then again they are waiting up for him. Perhaps they are just good scientists; I hope they figure out it is a wee bit hard to prove a negative.

My wife is stuffing their stockings with gifts from Santa, one they figure out how to google their dad - then the gig is up. I suspect it will take them a couple of years to find this blog. But then again - there is stuff out there I wrote in 1990 so I suspect this will be cached on some server in 2014.

Historical note - my grandfather John Chadwick kept a journal from 1928 or so thru 1980's -- I'm working thru his early college years currently. He was very poor, had little to eat but seemed to enjoy himself considering everything. Hard to compare to my current situation (blogging!) on wireless networks and traveling like crazy. My biggest problem (like most American's it seems) is eating too much -- compare that to a college student in the late 1920's or even to a soldier in Iraq.
BTW - there is no mention of a "depression" in his journals - I guess once you are poor, you don't notice that suddenly many others have also become poor.

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Anonymous said...

NO! santa isn't real?